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Insight: Discover more about the cornerstones of successful IBP through maturity curve assessments, case studies, peer to peer discussions and thought leader insights.
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The Cornerstones of Successful Integrated Business Planning - Best-practice IBP using a People-Process -Technology foundation

Successful Integrated Business Planning (IBP) needs a firm foundation that builds upon the people, processes and technology within an organisation. Achieving best-in-class IBP takes an understanding of how they currently perform, interact and respond to change as well as understanding what’s needed to align them to enable efficiency and effectiveness.

In this event we will focus on:

  • The key success factors that develop, sustain and nurture best-in-class Integrated Business Planning
  • How proven IBP technology can help remove the people and process barriers to IBP adoption
  • The large ROI that can be realised from best practice IBP in the form of lower inventories, improved customer service levels and increased market share
  • How change management  is instrumental in the alignment of people, process and technology
  • The typical barriers, constraints and bottlenecks when implementing IBP
  • Examples of end-customer experience in advancing IBP

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